Too little water or too much can be dangerous to wild animals.

At this time of year, water can be hard to find for all species of wildlife.  However, in a polar opposite of the latter, with torrential down pours, too much can cause problems too.

All animals need access to clean drinking water.  This is especially true when the weather has been excessively dry.

Our Deputy Manager lives in inner city Nottingham but twice in the last 2 weeks she has been called upon by neighbours for advice. Bothe enquiries were on hedgehogs who had been affected by the then lack of rain. one had sadly died, the other was suffering from dehydration.  As well as the lack of water, food sources are also scarce when it’s been hot. to counter this you can leave water out in your garden or balcony and you will be surprised ay the species who will visit.

Shallow, heavy bottomed bowls or plant saucers are ideal,  Also placing pebbles or stones in these bowls means insects can drink but also have an escape route should they fall in.

Branch Manager Jo has a regular visitor to her garden by the name of Mr Toad (see the pic below) who loves to take advantage of  a large mason cash bowl filled to the brim!

Too much water can pose dangers too.  Mammals stooping to drink from ponds can fall in. Most animals can swim but if they have no way of getting out, exhaustion can result in drowning.  Make sure ponds/toughs etc have a sloped or stepped edge so animals can make their way out.  If you have netting, check it regularly, a taut framed screen is safer.

Providing water during times of drought can save animals lives as can providing escape routes from deepening pools when there’s been a deluge.

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