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Our Vision

We are looking for Trustees

Did you know that RSPCA branches are seperately registered charities? This means we are responsible for our own fundraising and spending. However, this is not solely one persons role, we work under a committee and we are always on the look out for new volunteers. Professional skills are great, however what we really need are folks with time. Being a Trustee would suit someone semi or fully retired who cares about animals in Nottingham and that has a few hours each month to attend meetings and collectively discuss the progress and future of this Branch.

Interested? Then please email and we can put you in touch with exisiting Trustees and send you more info.

You can now help us whilst you shop!

What's better than retail therapy? Retail therapy AND helping local animals whilst you shop! You can now support us by registering at easy fundraising meaning everytime you shop at over 3300 retailers, you'll raise a free donation for the RSPCA Nottingham and Notts Branch!

Find out more at easy fundraising

How irresponsibly discarded rubbish causes so many problems!

We have all heard of how the HUGE plastic problem is affecting our wildlife and the environment. However, all litter is potentially lethal to animals. Those pictured above all suffered because of poorly disposed of items. Be that a car wheel (Fox cub) fishing litter (Cormorant) a frisbee (Seal, she had it stuck around her neck and it had in grown) fishing line (Owl) fencing tape (Deer) and a tin can (duck).

We all throw away so much now, sadly this includes animals themselves. There are always those who are irresponsible so it's up to us, the animal and nature loving folks to safeguard ours and their enviroment!

Why not organise a 'clean up' in your area? Or get involved on a bigger scale with info at Keep Britain Tidy. Of course, you can always 'recycle' by donating items to us to re-sell!

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