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Our Vision

Apologies for any inconvenience caused. We are trying to salvage our original number.

You can email us at this time re general enquiries on neutering etc, PLEASE include your phone number so we can contact you should we not be able to return your email. Thanks for your patience.




Before lighting your bonfire...please check for little critters!

If you plan to have a bonfire to celebrate the 5th of November or, as a lot of gardeners do at this time of year, PLEASE follow our advice.

If you have had wood or debris piled in one place for a while, be careful there's not hedgehogs, frogs or toads sheltering inside. Woodpiles, old plant pots etc make great places to hibernate or just to shelter. If at all possible, leave these for wildlife!

Plan your bonfire. Stack it in one place, but before lighting move it to the place you intend to burn it. That way, any critters who are inside can at least get out.

Leaf piles retain heat and again are attractive to lots of small animals and amphibians. Bag your leaves or better still, if you have the room, compost them!

Also, some people like to use 'sky lanterns' instead of fireworks. However, not only are these a fire hazard, they are also extremely dangerous for wildlife and livestock. The metal frames have entangled owls and other birds. The bamboo frames are sharp when broken and have injured cows in the past who have swallowed the splintered fragments. Recently a horse was badly burned in Brentwood after parts of a lantern stuck to the poor animals body.

We all know how terrifying fireworks can be and as always we urge people to go to organised displays rather than having their own, minimising the distress to pets.

Finally, make sure your pets ID chip details are up to date. Should the worst happen and they get out or go missing, you have a better chance of getting them home quickly!

If you love animals as much as this little guy loves walkies, read on!

We are lucky enough to have some of the most devoted supporters around and are looking some to become volunteers at our new shop!

Being a self funding branch of the RSPCA means the money we raise is used for animals who need help in our area. That is why it is so very important for us to keep fundraising so we can pay for veterinary treatments, housing and anything else Nottingham animals rescued by our Inspectors need.

This is where YOU come in! We'd love to hear from you if you'd like to volunteer at Eastwood. Retail Manager Tony and assistant Helen need folks who can give an hour or 2 regularly to:

*Steam & price the donations we receive.

Full training will be given. We are looking for people who love animals and want to help those rescued from abuse, cruelty and neglect, often via the hands of those the animals trusted most. Volunteers are the life blood of this branch and although this opportunity is not 'hands on animal work' so to speak, your time will ensure animals rescued from some horrendous conditions will have a happy ending.

If you can offer some time on a regular basis
, please download and print our volunteer application form and return to

The Manager
58 Nottingham Road, Eastwood, NG16, 3NQ

or give us a ring on 0115 8962941 for more details.

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