Neutering couldn’t be simpler. It is a routine operation and most animals are back on their feet again straight away. There are some keys points to consider in making the decision of having your pet neutered. However, when you consider the thousands of already unwanted animals around, it is the only responsible thing to do!

Benefits of neutering

Neutering has benefits that apply not only to cats and dogs, but also other species like ferrets and rabbits. Click here to read all about the benefits of neutering.

To find details on how to apply for a neutering assistance voucher through the RSPCA Nottingham and Notts Branch, please select the species of the animal you wish to neuter.

Max of 3 vouchers per house (can be used for mixture of species eg 1 dog & 2 cats).

Please note that we are only able to offer this service to those living in our Branch Area.

Neutering options ~ Please make sure your chosen veterinary practice accepts our vouchers prior to applying to avoid disappointment.

Who qualifies for help?

You don’t need to recieve benefits

Remember that you do not have to receive benefits to qualify for these services, but you must live in our Branch Area.

You must live in our Branch Area

All RSPCA Branches are separately registered charities and are responsible for generating their own funds. Branches have differences in prioritising how they spend the money they raise. Some, who may be struggling with funding, will not subsidise neutering owned animals and concentrate their efforts on the strays in their care and vets bills they incur.

You must be a member of the public

Our neutering schemes and assistance vouchers are for members of the public only. We cannot subsidise neutering for other rescues or charities.