Our Vision

"The animals of Nottinghamshire shall lead happy and healthy lives, be treated with kindness and dignity, and remain free from cruelty and neglect"

What we do

Providing vital care

We make sure there is somewhere safe for sick or injured stray animals to go when the RSPCA Radcliffe Animal Centre is at capacity.

Transporting animals in need

Our dedicated drivers have years of experience and transfer RSPCA animals between locations daily. They also are hands on in rescuing injured and sick animals who need our help.

Covering crucial vet bills

Animals come into our care in several ways, all need basic veterinary treatments eg flea and worming but some are seriously ill or injured. Donations given by the public allow us help these animals who have no-one else.

Our objective is to raise as much money as possible through collections, our charity shop and promotions so that un-owned animals in Nottingham always have someone to care for them.