This Hallowe’en have fun with animals in mind.

It’s that time of year where we celebrate all things ghoulish and spooky.  However, it can be a frightening time for animals for other reasons.  Firework season can cause so much misery with the noise literally having animals shaking with fear.  Our #BangOutOfOrder campaign  is asking you to contact your local council regarding their stance on licensing firework displays.

With trick or treaters knocking on doors, it can be easy for pets to get out whilst you are distracted. We encourage people to make sure their pets microchip details are up to date should the worst happen and they escape. If your pet is easily frightened by unexpected visitors, think about displaying a poster on your gate or front window asking that you are not disturbed by trick or treating.

Sweets and chocolate are everywhere during Hallowe’en celebrations.  Be vigilant and keep them out of reach of animals. You may otherwise have the ‘horrible’ experience of visiting your vet if your pet becomes ill after eating something no meant for them.

It’s not just sweeties though, natural foods can also prove troublesome.  Pumpkins, although not poisonous, can cause stomach problems if left in the garden and eaten by hedgehogs.  They can gorge themselves and even become dehydrated because of fluid loss through diarrhoea.

Some creatures associated with Hallowe’en, namely rats, spiders, crows and bats get a bad press they really don’t deserve.  Rats are very clean animals, spiders eat lots of pests, crows are incredibly intelligent and bats help with pollination.  To read more on our Spooky Week critters, visit our Facebook page.

We hope you all have a spooktacular Hallowe’en!


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