We’ve increased the value of our money off vouchers!

As a branch we have always focused on neutering.  It is still a simple fact that there are too many animals and not enough homes to go around.  As a responsible owner, having your pet neutered is the thing to do.  We offer financial help to anyone who lives in our branch area, this is something we do in perpetuity…there’s always assistance available!

However, during February and March, we are boosting that help by increasing the value of our neutering vouchers.  No matter what pet you have, we can help with the cost of having them neutered.

Dogs – £25 (normal value of voucher is £20)
Cats – £20 (normal value of voucher is £10)
Small Pets – £20 (normal value of voucher is £10)

You can apply online, our only criteria is that you live in our branch area.  You don’t have to be on benefits, we don’t means test.   When you book your pet in for their operation, just mention to the veterinary practice that you have a voucher.  They will then deduct it’s value off your bill!  There is a maximum of 3 vouchers per household but these can be for a single species or a mixture if you have several different pets. If you want any more info there’s lots on our neutering page or you can ring 0115 7841110.


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