Watching out for harmful creepy crawlies

Here in Nottingham we have had a spell of rain and now have some glorious sunshine. The combination of wet then hot weather means external parasites have the perfect breeding ground. People are out walking more since lockdown restrictions have relaxed and pests can hitch a ride on clothing but more likely, on animals themselves.  Fleas and ticks cause at best discomfort but at worst, can be life threatening. Sadly, over the years we have seen young animals lose their lives through blood loss (anaemia) from a heavy flea infestation. Tick-borne diseases are multiple and unless detected early can be fatal.

Another problem, particularly for animals who spend some of their lives in hutches or cages is fly strike. This occurs when flies lay their eggs on faeces stuck to an animal or sometimes, even on open wounds. The eggs hatch and maggots emerge who will start eating infected or dirty tissue. Fly strike happens quickly and depending on the severity needs urgent veterinary attention.

What’s the answer? Well, luckily it’s a very simple one that doesn’t involve your pet or you being wrapped in plastic whilst outdoors! Buying a veterinary strength flea and tick treatment, and this is the crucial part, using it regularly, will keep your pet pest free. Infestations occur when there’s been no treatment, treatments lapsed or it isn’t effective. That’s why it’s important to get a veterinary strength product. Should you find live fleas, a flea comb can help get rid of some before applying treatment. If you find a tick, you can buy tick removers which assure you get all of the parasite off your pet. There are also products for the prevention of fly strike but being vigilant is the greatest help. Check confined animals back ends and accommodation often, removing faeces from fur or heavily soiled bedding.

Pets rely on us to keep them healthy and comfortable and with simple, regular treatment parasites should not be a problem.






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