Cat population crisis

Animal welfare doesn’t take a break but different problems arise seasonally.  This summer we’ve seen a huge influx in the number of calls we are receiving about cats.  This branch doesn’t have animal holding on premises and we pay for boarding in private catteries and vets when the RSPCA Radcliffe Animal Centre is full.

Since last June (2021), on average we have taken in 18 cats per month, the majority being ill, pregnant or injured strays. The saddest thing about these cats is most were never reclaimed by their owners.  We perform a seasonal juggling act which often results is very simple maths, one cat out means we can take another in. It’s a waiting game, a frustrating one for those desperate to rehome their cat.  However, there are literally hundreds of felines and limited accommodation.  No matter how much someone demands, shouts or swears, it won’t magic up a space we don’t have.

Injured and pregnant felines

A pregnant female will be with us a minimum of 8 weeks, an injured tom cat (depending on the injury) at least 10 days, often a month or more. This is why we can’t accommodate every single cat we are called about.  Injured strays and Inspectors cases are always priority.

There is help

Due to the explosion in the cat population, we urge people to neuter their pets, both male and female.  We can help anyone living in our area with vouchersRSPCA Radcliffe Animal Centre will neuter a cat for £25 and our friends at Cats Protection will help those on low incomes too.

We try our best to help with the resources we have and every single cat rescue is doing the same.  Adoptions slow down because people are on holiday and abandonments increase when space is not found quickly enough for some seeking to rehome their pet. Please be patient whilst we try our best but do the responsible thing and neuter your cat.


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