How wildlife is thriving during our COVID19 lockdown

Spring is such a wonderful time in nature. Blossoms, flowers and lots of young animals.  This spring has had a warm start which always helps.  However, the fact that the human world has been paused has given wildlife an even bigger boost.  Due to the coronavirus pandemic, animals have been seen in towns, with wild goats in Llandudno and deer descending in Romford! It just goes to show how a slower pace allows for animals to take the opportunity to explore new food sources.

Branch Deputy Manager Donna lives not far from the river Leen here in Nottingham. The Leen is a corridor for all sorts of wildlife even though it literally cuts through industrial and suburban areas and at times runs parallel with the tram and train lines! The other evening, Donna was lucky enough to spot a kingfisher…or possibly 2. It could have been the same bird flying up the river then back again!  Although kingfishers maybe on the Leen all year round, the extended stillness and quiet makes them easier to spot.

Garden birds will appreciate access to supplementary food and also water right now.  Water not just to drink but to bathe in. It’s at this time of year that fledglings start to test their wings.  We will write a blog on them soon, but you can help their parents right now by putting some bird food out. Make sure your table or feeder is out of the reach of cats. Different birds, need different diets so check to see what will suit your feathered residents best. Keep the feeders/table clean as disease can spread easily if not washed down regularly.

It’s one of the few good things to come out of this pandemic, that our wild animals and birds are relishing the peace of less traffic/people and are, quite rightly, making the most of it.

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