A weekend if filled with lots of yummy treats for us but the consumption of these by pets can be fatal.

In our featured picture, there are 3 potential dangers to pets despite the image being very sweet.Β  Spring flowers and bulbs are toxic to pets.Β  The chocolate eggs contain theobromine, a chemical that can make dogs very sick. Finally, the little toy plastic bunnies are a potential choking hazard.

Being aware and informed could save your pet’s life and prevent you from having to take an emergency trip to the vets.

Here’s a list of common Easter items that you need to be careful of around pets

🍫 Chocolate
πŸͺ Fruitcakes and hot cross buns
πŸ₯„ Sugar free items – contain Xylitol
🎈 Small pieces plastic/rubber from Easter toys
πŸ§„ Spring bulbs
πŸ’ Spring flowers

If you suspect your pet has eaten or digested something they shouldn’t have, contact your vet immediately.

More information available atΒ RSPCA England and Wales.

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