Help towards neutering your cat and other pets

We are all feeling the pinch ATM but if you live in our branch area, we can help with the cost of neutering. This week we have increased the value of our money off vouchers for cats from £15 to £20.  Our colleagues at RSPCA Radcliffe Animal Centre have been microchipping and spaying owned cats for £30 but the centre is fully booked until February.

You can apply for a voucher online and we can also help with other species too!

* DOGS – £25 off the cost at your vet

* CATS – £20 off the cost at your pet

* SMALL PETS – Inc but not limited to Ferrets/rabbits/guinea pigs/rats -£20 off the price at your vet

We cannot help if you live outside our branch area and vouchers are limited to 3 per household, single species or a mixture.

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