Changes on how we accept items as our shops re-open.

The last year has been one of change and adapting.  We’ve had to put in place a lot of new measures, one of the biggest being how we accept items from the public.  To adhere to post lockdown regulations, we could no longer take larger donations from directly from the public ’over the counter’.  Instead we asked people for their details so we could collect from them as soon as we could. This eased the pressure on storage at both shops.
For the time being, we are sticking to this process as we can no longer dispose of unsaleable donations as easily as PreCovid.  In fact, we may have to pay to get rid of certain items which defeats the purpose of accepting them.

With this in mind we politely ask you to consider the following before donating:

Does it have buttons missing/broken zip?  Is it stained? Is it holed? Has it shrunk? Are the soles worn? If any of these apply then we can’t sell the item.  It will immediately go for recycling.

Have you washed it? We don’t expect donations to be ironed as we have a steamer but we can’t launder clothes.  Believe it or not, we do get wet and dirty donations handed into us.

Would you wear it yourself? If something is bobbly or a bit misshapen, would you buy it?  If you wouldn’t then it’s unlikely anyone else will.

HOUSEHOLD ITEMS (crockery, kitchenware, ornaments, utensils)
We can’t sell—
Anything chipped, dirty, burned or cracked.
If an item has something missing.
Glassware that has become scratched.

Hardback books are not popular and please check the DVD is the right one for it’s case.  We have to recycle unsaleable DVDs into 3 parts, the disc, the plastic case and the paper insert!

If toys are broken, something doesn’t work then we are unable to put these in the shops. Toys must have a CE safety mark  for us to be able to sell them. Someone has to check jigsaws if you haven’t and the same goes for games.  If they are not complete, we have to take them to recycling.

Although we can PAT test items with plugs, unless these donations are in good condition we have to dispose of them, which in the near future may incur a cost.

We don’t sell anything made of real fur or that has an animal involved (glass ornaments with starfish/butterflies/taxidermy) or anything that has hunting/shooting or fishing scenes depicted on it.

It goes without saying that we are reliant on the generosity of our supporters.  However, we know they donate to help save local animals and will understand we have restricted storage and can’t sell certain items.

We recycle as many unsaleable items as we can for cash, but your donation may cost us money if it’s not in good enough condition to sell.

If you have a donation for us, please call 0115 7841110 or email and we can tell you or waiting time and arrange collection.


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