Keep your pets safe this Easter break

This weekend there will be treats a go go in a lot of homes.  However, did you know that what can be delicious for us can be potentially fatal for your pet? Chocolate contains a chemical, theobromine, that can make dogs very sick.  Spring flowers, bulbs, dried fruit are toxic to pets.  Also, small pieces of plastic or wrappers can present a choking or internal blockage hazard.

A sweet treat may be easy to swallow but hefty won’t be.

Here are some of the seasonal items you need to keep out of your pets way this bank holiday weekend:

🍫 Chocolate
🍪 Fruitcakes and hot cross buns
🥄 Sugar free items – contain Xylitol
🎈 Small pieces plastic/rubber from Easter toys
🧄 Spring bulbs
💐 Spring flowers

If you suspect your pet has eaten or ingested something they shouldn’t have, contact your vet immediately.

Branch opening hours over the Spring break weekend

Good Friday 29/03/24

Sat 30/03/24
Sun 31/03/24
Mon 01/04/24
Tue 02/04/24

Wed 03/04/24

Have a great weekend!

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