Early spring flowers and bulbs can be potentially harmful to pets

British weather can be fickle and the saying ‘N’er cast a clout ’til May is out’ perfectly illustrates this.  However, spring flowers are beginning to peep out and unfurl.  Although they beautifully ring in the beginnings of a new season, they can be hazardous to our pets.  Some of these plants can prove fatal if ingested.

Both cats and dogs dig, cats when toileting and dogs just because they are dogs! Free roaming rabbits can also do what rabbits are experts in burrowing and digging. If animals come across planted bulbs, they can bite or chew the plant itself. Or, if not directly eaten, paws that have scratched into the bulb when licked during grooming can pass on toxins.

If you have the following in your garden or walk through flowers in a public space, it is prudent to be mindful of what your pet is doing.


All parts of these plants are toxic.

If you suspect your pet has consumed something poisonous then please contact your vet immediately.  Some tell tale signs to be aware of are

Blood in poo
Pale gums

Sometimes the toxins may act as an irritant so beware of any rashes, swellings or irritated skin/tongue that could due to contact with plants.

For more info visit this very informative page from the PDSA.

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