Changes in the reunification site we use

As of this week, we are using Animal Search UK as our reunification website.  There are so many lost and found pet databases it can become very confusing for an owner of a missing pet to chose a site to post on.  Animal Search covers the whole of the UK which means should your pet go missing and find themselves out of the immediate locality, they can still be found and reunited with you through a central site.

The Inspectorate and other RSPCA branches/rehoming centres are using Animal Search too.

The website is completely free, owners don’t have to pay to register their animal as missing.  Animal Search have reuniting pets since 1999 and are now the leading search service for missing pets in the UK.

However, local facebook pages are excellent in getting pets back home too, so if the worst should happen and your furry friend can’t be found, here’s some tips to help get them home:

📌 Post on Animal Search UK
📌 Post on local facebook pages eg Spotted/community pages, Lost & found Pets Nottingham is a great Nottingham site.
📢 Remember, not everyone is online so putting posters up and delivering flyers is  WIDE circle around your area is a visual indication you are looking for your pet.
❓ Ask people to check sheds/garages/outhouse for missing cats as they can easily be locked inside accidentally.
🐶 For dogs, contact your local authority Dog Warden as they are responsible for stray dogs.
☎️ Contact vets and rescue centres in case your pet has been handed in.
🧡 NEVER give up. Animals can be reunited weeks, months sometimes years after going missing.

We will always pull the stops out to try and find and animals owner but you can make it easier for us and other rescue agencies…

🔍 MICROCHIP your per and keep their details up to date.  This is the simplest way to have your pet back where they belong sooner rather than later.


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