We’ve upped the value of our dog neutering vouchers for a whole 30 days!

We deal with the consequences of over breeding daily.  There are so many animals out there looking for homes that we actively encourage people to neuter their pets by assisting with ‘money off vouchers’.  This month, we are focusing on our poochy pals and increasing the help we can offer from £20 to £25.

Why is neutering so important? Well, aside from not adding to an already overpopulated companion animal world,  there are other benefits which you can read about here.

It’s easy to apply, just fill in our form You must live in our area to qualify, but help is open to all, you don’t need to be on benefits to receive assistance.

There’s lots of info within the site but if you would prefer to talk to someone, feel free to give us a ring on 0115 784 1110 (Office hours Mon – Fri)




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