Our eBay shop is up an running

It’s taken months, been very frustrating at times, but at last, our eBay shop is open and we couldn’t be more thrilled! It’s only been 24hrs but we have sold 6 items already. eBay Manager Kate joined us back in November and alongside Branch Manager Jo has overcome lots of technical and administrative obstacles to finally get us open. We’d love another retail outlet, this might still happen.  However, with rents being so high, we decided to utilise the space we have here and have turned downstairs at Farrington Way into our eBay hub.

Kate has created a mini studio! Being a champion thrifter she has taken the challenge and ran, using upcycling and ingenuity to make backgrounds that work wonders. eBay opens our customer base right up.  As a self funding charity, we want to get the most we can for items given to us.  Having eBay means we can reach people outside our area and raise more funds for animals in our care.

You can visit the eBay shop and peruse what we have for sale.  There are still bargains a plenty at our charity shop but if you want support us and can’t get to Nottingham Road, Eastwood, then visit us online.

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