Dogs are being mutilated for money

Dogs are such expressive creatures.  They use their eyes, muzzle, tail and ears to show how they are feeling.  This is why ear cropping is a horrible and unnecessary thing to inflict on a dog.  The practice has been illegal in England & Wales since 2006 (under Section 5 of the Animal Welfare Act) However, it is not against the law to import dogs to the UK who have been cropped in other countries.
Despite cropping being banned, it hasn’t stopped unscrupulous ‘breeders’ continuing to cut the ear flaps off litters, sometimes with scissors, so they can sell puppies at a higher price.  The disfigurement is often done without anaesthetic causing not just mutilation but extreme pain and trauma.

Criminal activity

There is money to be made from cropping.  People buy into the ‘look’ of a dog who has suffered having it’s ears removed or shaped. Claims that it helps protect the dog from infections or injury are false.  They are maimed to look ‘tough’ and sadly, it is a growing trend.  Puppies are often sold for thousands of pounds meaning breeding is very lucrative.

As we’ve already mentioned, importing cropped dogs into the UK is legal.  This is exploited by those who are practicing the procedure illegally here.

How you can help

We are asking people to take action by emailing their MP urging them to support a ban on importing dogs who’ve suffered this cruel cut.  For more info visit RSPCA (England and Wales) 

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