Happy retirement to our dedicated colleague

On Thursday last week we had a little get together for our wonderful colleague and friend, Shelley who has retired.  Shelley joined us in 2004 and brought enthusiasm, fun and kindness by the cat basket load to our work family. Her main role was driving but that varied from collecting donations to picking up injured animals.  However, as with any charity, your work is never defined by your job description and Shelley epitomised ‘turning her hand to anything!’

This included (but not exclusive)
Sorting donations, steaming clothes, serving, sweeping up, cleaning out animal pens, answering calls, rescuing animals, communicating with members of the public, building rapport, plant growing, recycling, loading up the van, off loading the van, getting into tricky situations, getting into BIZARRE situations, going the extra mile, game for anything, if the end goal was helping an animal, Shelley would be at the forefront with a big smile.

As well as the day to day work, for many years Shelley manned our Dog Walk plant stall.  She took on the responsibility of growing and sourcing the plants.  The literally raised thousands (we estimate over £10,000) and this never failed to bolster enthusiasm to do even better the following year.

Shelley had a soft spot for the elderly, poorly animals who often come into our care.  Many have gone home with her to live out their days spoiled, doted on and knowing nothing but love.

Dear Shelley, we will miss your smile and your sense of humour.  Thank you on behalf of all the animals and we know this isn’t goodbye cos let’s face it, no-one gets away that easy!

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