Still here for all animals

During the pandemic the RSPCA frontline have been working hard as key workers. As a branch, although we have closed our charity shops and the office, we have continued working from home. We coordinate animals who come into our care and try to cover as much as we can on skeleton staff. Although we are known for helping pets and domestic animals, a lot of the Animal Collection Officers work involves rescuing and collecting wildlife. Over this period there have been ducklings, fledglings, fox cubs, hedgehogs, swans and this little fluff ball…a tawny owlet!
We have continued to issue spaying and neutering vouchers and we’ve increased the validity so people can use them in the upcoming months.  Our aim now is focusing on reopening ur 2 charity shops.  This poses a few problems but the thinking caps are on because we need the funds the shops raise. In the mean time, if you are able to donate to us, we will be immensely grateful.

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