Our Hyson Green shop has had a makeover

Like a lot of businesses, the pandemic forced us to close both our charity shops.  We are still in the process of getting ready to welcome people back and of course, our paramount concern is to do so this safely for customers and our staff.  Throughout lock down, we have worked on skeleton staff making sure the animals were taken care of.  However, we have also taken the opportunity to give the outside of the premises a well earned make over.
The frontage was literally falling apart but now all the damaged timber has been replaced, we’ve painted and also have a brand new sign.  We are always careful with the pennies here at Nottingham and Notts and what could be reused (eg the frame of the sign) has been.  If we say so ourselves, the spruce us look fabulous.
This week, look out for updates as to when we plan to re-open.  There’s a whole new process for handling donations which means staggering them coming in and also drastically limiting the amount we can accept without appointment.
It’s all systems go and our Eastwood shop will follow suit.

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