These 2 moggies of mischief are Martha and Minnie and they are looking for a new home!

It has be the right one for them as they had a rough start in life.  The kittens were found tied up in a bag in Nottingham.  The finder called the RSPCA and that’s when they came into our care.  We’ve no idea how they ended up abandoned but we do know they, like all animals who are discarded like rubbish, they didn’t deserve it.

It’s our job now to find them a life long secure, loving home.

They have been spayed, microchipped and had full basic vaccinations for the year.  They are also up to date with fleas and worm treatment.  They enjoy playing and are very adventurous.   Bright and lively and Martha especially likes cuddles but Minnie isn’t averse either.

Here’s some pointers on the home they are looking for:

🏠Martha and Minnie will need to be kept indoors for at least 6 weeks.  That means being very vigilant around windows and doors.

📣They need to be the only animals in the home.

🕰Someone MUST be at home the majority of the day.  They can be left for 2-3 hours at first and this can be extended as they get older.

🧾If you are in rented accommodation, we’ll need written permission from your landlord.  It’s best to obtain this before applying.

🚗You’ll need to have access to a vehicle to come and meet the DTT – Double Trouble Team!

😻As kittens, they will need a lot of interaction.

❗️If you are house proud, beware, all animals, particularly kittens can scratch furniture, wall paper and carpets even if they have a scratch pole.

🌿When they can go outside, they need direct access to a garden.  The kittens are not suitable as indoor animals.

How adoption works:

Applications are taken and we will go with the first application to meet the kittens needs.  If you are not successful re adoption it’s no slight, we expect to receive a lot of interest.

We don’t have animals on premises here…we will bring Martha and Minnie to our office to meet you.

You will need a vehicle and be able to come by prior appointment Mon- Fri between 11am and 2pm, sorry we can’t accommodate weekend or evenings.

After the initial meeting, you will be asked to go home and read our T&Cs and it gives you a chance to digest everything.

Then we will invite you back by prior arrangement to collect Martha and Minnie.  You will need a secure basket to transport them home, we suggest one for each kitten.

Adoption fee is £180 for Martha & Minnie, payable by cash or cheque, we’ve no card facility yet, when adoption paperwork is signed.

The adoption fee covers:

  • initial course of standard vaccinations
  • up to date worm and flea treatment
  • micro-chipping
  • neutering
  • identity disc
  • four weeks free insurance with Pet Plan
  • an information book

If you are interested in adoption, please fill in our Cat adoption application form and return by email. Or email us direct and we can send you the form.

❗️Remember, we expect to have a lot of interest so please don’t be disappointed if your application is not successful.

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