A fond farewell

Over the years, as a branch we’ve met many Inspectors, Animal Collection/Welfare Officers (as were) and Animal Rescue Officers.  Their ‘patches’ and ways of working have changed, especially recently.  However, we like to think our offices have been a familiar constant. Somewhere to come for a cuppa, to get a helping hand if needed and to sometimes just chat over what can be very hard days.  The lady pictured below is Laura and sadly she has hung up her hat as an Inspector this week.  Laura has been part of the branch family for years and we are going to miss her happy smile and cheery countenance. There are more photo’s of Insp K but can we find them? Nope! So we have posted a small selection of pictures of animals Laura has rescued in the last couple of years.  Species include a thrush, goldfinches, an owlet, badgers, hedgehogs, a cockerel, a sparrow hawk, a swan, pigeon, magpie, a snake and a kitten.  These are rescues and don’t include the animal victims of harrowing cases Laura dealt with of which there are many.

As an Inspector, Laura would endeavour to help any animal she was tasked out to.  She kept trustees up to date and informed of what was happening with the local Inspectorate by via committee meetings.  Compassionate, warm and with a great sense of humour, Laura has been a pleasure to work with.

It’s off to pastures new and we would like to say thanks to Laura from the countless animal she helped.  Good luck with everything, you know the kettle is always on here and don’t be a stranger.

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