Some good news during a testing time

Our neutering assistance vouchers run in perpetuity, available to anyone who lives in our branch area.   However, for the last few weeks we have increased the value of the vouchers and this offer was due to end tomorrow.  The good news is, we have decided to extend the offer until 31st December.  You can apply online but we do suggest you check with your vet that they will accept the voucher.  Most do but it’s their prerogative to decline if they wish.

The vouchers give you ‘money off’ the cost at your vet, you hand them in as part payment of your veterinary bill.  The values are as follows:

Dog = £25 (normally £20)

Cat = £20 (normally £10)

Small pets = £20 (normally £10)

As mentioned, anyone living in our area can apply, we don’t means test. With veterinary practices being forced to reduce operations, we do worry there may be an increase in animals being born, particularly with felines.  Spread the word and lets help prevent unwanted pets.

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