Thank you Caitlin, Hayley, Helen and Simon.

We were shocked and deeply saddened to hear that several of our colleagues were being made redundant after years of dedication to the charity. Caitlin (pictured left) Hayley (pictured right) and Helen (not pictured) roles as Animal Collection Officers are being disbanded through cost cutting and restructure. The women above worked tirelessly not only assisting Inspectors but collecting and transporting all species of injured animals, particularly cats and wildlife. Their role is to be replaced by the new post of Animal Rescue Officer.

Ch Inspector Simon (pictured in the middle) has been with the RSPCA over 30 years and has been part of our branch ‘family’ for a lot of that time. Simon managed his team of Inspector’s AWO’s and ACO’s whilst always working hand in hand with us. We could ring him at any time and call on his assistance or advice and know he would pull out all the stops to help where he could. Simons dedication and support has been unwavering and it’s hard to imagine how losing his 3 decades of experience will affect us and most importantly the animals of Nottingham.

Simon, Caitlin, Hayley and Helen, we are gutted to see you go. Your passion, good humour and above all devotion to an undoubtedly difficult job at times hasn’t gone unnoticed. The RSPCA will be poorer for the loss of you all. Collectively you will have saved thousands of lives, again across all species and you should all be proud of your work.

Remember, the kettle will always be on here at Hyson Green and although we may part as colleagues, friends are always welcome for a cuppa! We wish you all the success in the world with the future.

With love from us all at RSPCA Nottingham and Notts Branch and especially the animals.

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