The remarkable kitten that takes everything in his stride

Injured animals are part and parcel of working in animal welfare. You have to accept that this is an unavoidable part of the job and that sadly, despite great efforts, for some animals a kind, gentle end is all you can do for them. However, every now and again, you get a critter who astounds you with their spirit.

Buddy is one of those animals, a tiny 5 week old kitten who needed our help. We don’t know how, but Buddy had sustained awful injuries to his tail and his front left leg. We think he had been trapped in some way but this is an assumption. His injuries were significant, life changing. He spent a few days pain free, whilst Vet Ben assessed whether his tail or leg could be saved. Sadly, the damage was too great so our plucky pal had to have his leg and his tail partially removed. A double amputation is a huge undertaking for any animal but for one so young it came with even more risk. Thanks to the skill of Vet Ben, Buddy came through the op and we are thrilled to say, is thriving despite everything.

There are some major adjustments Buddy has to get used to.  However, because of his age, these will come easier than if he’d been an adult cat or even an older kitten.  We think Buddy was born outside and although he was hissy on arrival (who could blame him) he is an affectionate, playful soul. He has several food bowls stacked so it’s easier for him to eat. Vet Ben and his staff are nursing him around the clock and making sure he lacks for nothing…cuddles and attention being at the top of the list!

Through the pandemic, our help is still needed. Despite the challenges of staff shortages, temporary closures of our main fundraisers: our 2 charity shops, we are here to fund the treatment and rehabilitation of animals like little Buddy.  We can help thanks to the generosity of people like you. Donations allow us to be here for local animals,  despite our human world being turned upside down.

If you would like to help animals like Buddy you can by donating. Every penny counts and we are grateful for all the donations we receive. We will keep you posted regarding our wee Bud but in the meantime, thank you your continued support.



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