Buster’s story

There are times when animals come into our care that we know are going to need extra help.  Buster is a 9 year old (approx) black and white male cat.  He was involved in a road traffic collision back in May and suffered multiple breaks to his pelvis.  This alone was a worry but pelvic injuries often cause other internal problems. Nerve damage is common. With the bladder and bowel being so close to the pelvis, these vital organs can be irreparably compromised. Happily, this was not the case for our Buster.  After 10 weeks of intensive care, lots of cuddles and the need of ear plugs, (Buster LOVES to talk), he was finally able to move to RSPCA Radcliffe.

He is typical of the cats who find themselves needing our help. Black and white, not neutered or chipped, no collar and no owner coming forward. However, plucky is the best word to describe Buster. He has lost a lot of muscle off his back end but he is walking, something we were not sure would happen back in May. Your kindness means we can be there for animals like him and we appreciate every single donation given.

Although not up for adoption yet, he will need to be a lot stronger, Buster is making good progress. All parts of the RSPCA were involved in his journey to recovery.  He was rescued by an Animal Rescue Officer, rehabilitated by a branch and will, fingers crossed be rehomed by an animal centre. All factions of the charity pulling together to assist a critically injured animal with no owner.

We were down at Radcliffe yesterday and took this little video of the dude himself. The AC/DC song seemed so appropriate with lyrics ‘Nine lives, cats eyes!’ although he may be down to 8 now!

Keep rockin’ Buster, we hope you go from strength to strength.

Click to play Buster Back In Black Video


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