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Animals come into our care for all sorts of reasons. Most come via our Inspectors, these being the most vulnerable. We also provide emergency funding for injured strays in veterinary care, however the local authority dog wardens deal with stray dogs.

If you feel that you are no longer able to look after an animal you own then you will need to rehome it. As the only organisation that prosecutes animal cruelty we have an immediate duty to animals that have been abused or abandoned. This means that we have to prioritise for the most vulnerable who don't having caring owners. Because of this we recommend contacting other charities and rescues or attempting to rehome the animal yourself or have a friend take it on.


If you have found an animal which is a stray or lost then see our Lost or Found page.

Allergies to pets are common and although we would never jeopardise anyones health, there are products which can help with allergic reactions. PetalCleanse is a lotion that is applied direct onto the pet - many find that this can help allergies.

If you are rehoming due to behavioural problems, consider the following:

  • Is your pet neutered? If not, this can sometimes help with behavioural problems and we help anyone with the cost, see Neutering for details.
  • Pheromone therapy can help with aggression and stress in both cats and dogs. Two products which are available and many find useful are Feliway for cats and Adaptil for dogs. We suggest you talk to your veterinary surgeon regarding behaviour problems and the use of pheromone therapy.

Charities and Rescues

The following links list rescues who are independent of the RSPCA, with the obvious exception of the RSPCA Radcliffe Animal Shelter. This is a directory only. These rescues typically deal with strays and pets who can no longer be cared for and do not have Inspectors cases to deal with.



Small Pets

If you live in another part of Nottinghamshire (not covered by our Branch) then please contact RSPCA Radcliffe Animal Shelter to enquire.

The internet is a great source of reference for other rescues, however it is your responsibility to make sure anywhere you take a pet to be rehomed is looking after the animals in their care in such a way as they are not contravening Animal Welfare Act 2006.

If you do not feel comfortable with the rescue then do not leave your pet. If you have suspicions of cruelty or neglect then please Tel: 0300 1234 999

Disclaimer: We do not endorse products described on this page; this content is for educational use only. For professional advice regarding animals you should always seek the help of a vet. The RSPCA is not affiliated with the aforementioned charities, shelters and rescues. This list should only be referred to as a directory. If you represent one of these organisations and wish to have your details removed then please contact us and we will be happy to assist you. Please not that some of the links on this page lead to pages which may express opinions on animal welfare, these are not the opinions of the RSPCA and do not form official RSPCA policy.

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