Biting bugs and how to keep your pet healthy and itch free

It may be the wrong line of work for someone who dislikes parasites as intensely as this Deputy Branch Manager does but part of caring for lovely feathered and furry critters mean you come across horrid, jumpy, bitey bugs!

There are several common pests that animals can be host to including fleas, ticks, worms lice and mites.  Some suck blood, some leech nutrients internally.  Most cause incessant itching making who-ever is giving them a ride uncomfortable at best and threatening their life at worst.

As humans, we can obviously do something about parasites.  However, our pets rely completely on us identifying when they have a problem and, in turn, sorting that problem out.  The absolute misery parasites can cause is completely unnecessary.  Any vet and most chemists, can provide good, effective ways to treat your pets to prevent parasitic predicaments, before they happen.  We have seen kittens anaemic through flea infestations, cats paralysed from ticks and dogs completely bald with mange mites.

It’s part and parcel of sharing your home with a pet that routine parasite treatments are administered.  It’s bad enough to have to get rid of fleas from an infested animal,  imagine what it must feel like to have them crawling all over you and not being able to do anything about it! Having a companion animal is a privilege.  As an owner, keeping your pet pest free is a key responsibility because after all, they can’t so it themselves.

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