Irresponsible disposal is posing a threat

At the beginning of the pandemic, we saw nature thriving with humans having to take a step back.  Other species got on with their lives as normal and the environment took a deep breath.  Waterways were clearer, air cleaner and we even saw animals venturing into urban areas because it was so quiet.  This pause in our ‘normal’ day to day life has come to an end and worryingly, items made to protect us humans are becoming life threatening to other species.

Disposable PPE items (gloves, masks etc) are beginning to to show up as the cause of illness and injury to various animals and birds.  Gloves easily tear ensnaring little feet, they can also be ingested by larger animals. The elastic loops on masks entangle legs, feet and can get around the heads of smaller creatures.  These restrict movement and are a potential strangling hazard.

Litter has always posed a devastating problem to animals and these new items, unless disposed of properly, are just another danger for non human species to contend with.

You can help by getting involved in the Great British September Clean running 17-27 September. You will be helping so many species from creepy crawlies up to larger mammals and birds, connecting with nature and being active!  It’s a treble win!

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