Until the 31st Oct, we have increased the value of our money off vouchers.

We help with the cost of neutering all year round but up until the 31st of October 2020 we have increased the value of our vouchers!

Dogs ~ £25 (was £20)
Cats and other small pets ~ £20 (were £10)

We don’t means test therefore our scheme is open to anyone who lives in our branch area. Over the years we’ve assisted in spaying and neutering hundreds of cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets and even rats! It’s easy to apply, you can fill in our online application or ring 0115 7841110.

Our vouchers are money off at your own vet.  If your vet charges £60 for a cat neuter then with our voucher you will pay £40.  The vouchers cannot be used at another charity clinic (PDSA or RSPCA Radcliffe Animal Centre) and we advise that you check your vets accept them.  Most do but it is their prerogative to refuse them.


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