Your gift is their safety net

Making a will, even thinking about it is something a lot of us put off.  No-one wants to think of their own demise.  However, making a will can be a real comfort to those left behind as it allows family to follow your wishes exactly as you stated.

Legacies are a huge part of our income and without them we wouldn’t be able to continue our work.  This branch has been around for over 140 years.  The world has changed beyond recognition from when Queen Victoria reigned but sadly, cruelty and neglect to animals still happens.  We have evolved with the times, with how welfare has adapted to progress made.  At the heart of everything, our core has remained the same, to treat animals here in Nottingham with the kindness and respect they deserve. That has not and never will change.

What about he cost?

The cost of having a will written is another reason people often cite as putting them off the process.  RSPCA England and Wales have joined with the Goodwill Partnership to offer a free will writing service. You can visit the legacy page for more details.

Let us know where you want your gift to go

As we have mentioned, the service is free. There’s no obligation to remember the RSPCA in your will.  However, if you wished to do so you can express where your gift is used.  All parts of the charity have animal welfare at their heart.

If you wanted to assist on a national level then you would need to outline that by stating the RSPCA England and Wales and the charity number 219099.  Alternatively, your gift could be used locally by expressing a specific branch as a beneficiary.  Animals in Nottingham are our priority and our full title is RSPCA Nottingham and Notts Branch charity number 255763.

A simple act by you has life changing impact for animals, ensuring your love for them lives on after you have gone.


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