Having a plan in place can bring peace of mind

One of the most frequent requests we receive is can we help owners with the cost of unexpected veterinary treatment.  Sadly, as a self funding branch we couldn’t financially sustain financing these often emotional and distressing requests. Money donated is given to us for animals who have no home or have suffered at the hands of those they trusted most.

Before committing to bringing an animal into your life, a vital consideration should be insurance.

Of course love, food and company are hugely important.  However, the heart breaking reality of having to make decisions effecting your pets health based on cost can have devastating impact.  There is no NHS for pets.

Savings plans and insurance can positively ease the worry of veterinary fees.

The terms of policies need to be looked into thoroughly as there are varying levels of cover. These can change as your pet ages or develops a chronic condition. For instance, some policies cover accident only.  Some don’t cover dental procedures and any pre-existing conditions should be declared otherwise your contract could be void.

If you would like to read more, visit RSPCA England and Wales.  Pets need your time and love.  However,  if you are considering adoption be aware they require a large financial commitment too.


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