Broken bones to sad hearts, your donations mean we can be there

Over the course of the pandemic, the number of animals who came into our care was less than in previous years.  Since the 1st of January 2022, we’ve already had 51 critters, 47 cats, 1 rabbit and 3 dogs who’ve needed our help. Arguably, Vernon aka Big Vern required our assistance most.  He is typical of the cats who find themselves, through no fault of their own, alone, sick or injured and we are there for them thanks to you.

Vernon’s story

On the 28th January a member of the public found a lovely, dark ginger tom cat who was obviously injured. He was taken to a nearby veterinary practice but they couldn’t hold him so they called us. He’d been found near Vernon Road in Basford and was immediately x-rayed on arrival at our vets.  We named him Vern after the location he was found, he wasn’t microchipped or wearing a collar.  The x-ray revealed not only a fractured pelvis but also his lower jaw was broken.  Vern was lucky to be alive.

When a stray cat finds it’s way to us, we advertise them on Petslocated and check local lost and found social media pages frequently.  It seemed no-one was missing our gorgeous lad.  He rested, ate and settled into a routine at the vets, his chilled out character coming forth.  Due to his jaw injury, Vernon was on a soft food diet at first, had pain killing medication and was on strict cage rest.  The latter allowed his pelvis to begin to heal.

Fast forward seven and a half weeks and Big Vern had fully physically recovered from his ordeal.  Some animals require time not just to mend their bodies but also to regain and/or find their confidence. Fortunately, our soft centred feline friend never lost his trust and affection towards humans which leads us to believe he must have had a home at some point. However, no-one approached us to reclaim Vernon despite advertising and searching copious lost & found pages.

Just 2 days ago, our colleagues at RSPCA Radcliffe Animal Centre took over Vernon’s care.  They will make it their mission to find his perfect people.  Good luck Big 🧡 Vern, whoever adopts you are the lucky ones!

If you would like to help animals like Vernon you can do so safely and securely on our donation page.




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