Hedgehogs and other wildlife need your help.

It has been a relatively mild Autumn, albeit a soggy one! That means hedgehogs will be trundling around, looking for food to put on weight for hibernation.  To survive the hibernation period, a hedgehog needs to weigh at least 500grams (1.1lb) The colder it is, the heavier the hedgies need to be.  Talking of hibernation, did you know your Guy Fawkes celebrations could cause harm to wildlife?  Unlit bonfires make fantastic homes not just for hedgehogs but also frogs, toads and other creatures. What can do you do to avoid injury to animals? Well, leave it as late as possible to stack your fire. If this isn’t possible, rattle some of debris or tap around the bonfire with a stick before you strike a match. That will give creatures a chance to move out of danger.

Regarding hedgehogs, there are a couple of sites that have lots of information about these lovely, unique British mammals. Everything from encouraging them into your garden, advice on caring for and feeding hedgehogs as well as other ways you can help.

What the British Hedgehog Preservation Society don’t know about hedgehogs probably isn’t worth knowing. They have a wealth of experience and can be contacted by telephone on 01584 890 801 as well as via their website.

There is also information via the RSPCA England and Wales.

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