If you own a young XL bully type dog, plan their neutering now.

If you own an XL bully who was under a year on the 31st Jan 2024 you have until 31st of Dec to get them neutered.

We have already helped 42 owners (who live in our area) with the cost of the operation.  However there was a mad rush towards middle/end of June when the first deadline loomed.  Female dogs in particular need consideration now due to their seasons which affect when the operation can be done.

Our advice is to contact your vet, they will be able to give you lots more info.  Next, apply for your voucher  (£100 off the cost at your vet) .  Finally, get your dog booked in ASAP.

To qualify you must live in our branch area and that you have a valid exemption for your dog.

The end of December may seem ages away but by budgeting and scheduling the op before Christmas expense and upheaval means there’s no panic.

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