Restrictions mean our charity shops and office temporarily close.

As we face another lockdown in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, our charity shops and office will close to safely comply with government guidance.  Closure will be at 3pm on 4th Nov and we look forward with hope that we will be back in early December.  Our shops are classed as non essential but for local animals, they are a lifeline. The funds raised through donations allow us to continue to help vulnerable animals, those rescued by our Inspectors.  If you are able, we would gratefully appreciate any donation you can give in these extremely lean times for self funding charities.

We were just getting back into a routine, our ‘new normal’ and have systems in place now which have had a few weeks of being operational.  As soon as we get the green light to re-open,  we will be straight off the blocks as procedures are in place.

If you have any items you would like to donate and can keep them until we are back, we would love to come and collect them from you as soon as possible.  Amongst the new procedures is off site storage of donations.  They have to be quarantined for 48hrs before they can be sorted and priced but we have had regular collections up until the announcement of lock down on 31st Oct.

We have said this many times before but we can’t do our work without support from the public.  Here’s to seeing you all in Dec, thank you for enabling us to continue helping animals and STAY SAFE EVERYONE.

Updates will be posted as soon as we have news.

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