Who to get in touch with when noise becomes an issue.

Do you know who to contact if you hear a dog barking regularly over a period of time? Dogs bark for a multitude of reasons.  In the first instance it is your local authority who would investigate barking as a noise complaint. You can view a list of numbers at our lost & found page.

If the authority feel there is a welfare concern, they will contact the RSPCA.  Your neighbour may not know that there’s an issue if they are out when the dog is barking unless someone informs them.  Separation anxiety can be a real problem with dogs who are left even for relatively short periods of time. Owners may find this link helpful https://bit.ly/3DDiPzL

An animal who you have personally seen and is showing signs of neglect or injury would be investigated by RSPCA officers and you should call 0300 1234 999.

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