Leaving an animal to fend for itself can lead to suffering

The little kitten pictured above is Dita.  She was found wrapped in a towel, alone, not even a basket or box to shelter in.  The person who dumped her turned their back and walked away.  The circumstances?  We will never know.  What we do know is minimal, gathered through guess work but she has an upset tummy which she is receiving treatment for. Over the years, we have taken in lots of abandoned animals of all species.  The most distressing are those left in cages/tanks, detained and unable to even get out of the elements or escape.  The most unusual of these was a tarantula that was literally found in a bin.  His tank was broken and he gave the finder the fright of her life when she was simply disposing of litter!

Why do people do it? Some can’t cope, don’t have enough money, are moving or going on holiday, there are a multitude of reasons but these can only be surmised unless there is a note. We know circumstances change and are sympathetic to this.  The fact remains, an individual is responsible for their pet until a rescue can safely place the animal.  Communication is key, if we know you can no longer look after a pet, we will try our best to help.  Unfortunately, immediate space is not always readily available and this can cause a problem with intake, especially when demands are high.  In the past we have asked people to be patient and have supplied food to tide them over.  We don’t judge and appreciate a persons honesty even if it is uncomfortable to explain the situation.  When we have all the facts we can work out a plan that will suit all parties, in particular the animal involved. However, this can’t be achieved without the candour of the owner and is completely impossible when an abandonment occurs.

If you are having difficulty with caring for your pet, talk to us and we will do everything to help within our resources.

Abandoned animals can be victims of the elements, heat and cold can kill.  They can also be attacked and killed by predators, starve or even end up in cruel hands, something no pet deserves whatever the circumstances their owner finds themselves in.

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