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Late Autumn News

We thought you may like to have a catch up on what's been happeneing with Nottingham and Notts since our Spring newsletter. We are still awaiting the completion of a data compliance letter from RSPCA HQ so instead of not printing and posting our newsletter, thought we would share it digitally here!





Killing with kindness

We all love a treat and as we have already said on our home page, Easter is traditionally a time for indulging! However, as well as the dangers posed with chocolate and other food stuffs at this particular time of year, feeding your pet the wrong diet any time can lead to severe health problems. Pet obesity is on the rise and causes as many problems for an animal as being underfed. Just like us, a pet being overweight increases their risk of diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and cancers amongst other illnesses. The risk rises as your pet ages, again like us, they move less the older they get, burning less calories.

If you want to know more, the national RSPCA have info on pet obesity and on the general care of animals.

Your pet is reliant on you to keep their health in check. We all know the power of puppy dog or Shrek 'puss in boots eyes' but by over indulging them we are compromising their welfare and potentailly killing them with kindness.


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